Did you know that the first hot dog was sold from a pushcart in New York City’s Bowery during the 1860’s? And did you know that Americans eat 20 billion hot dogs a year? That ‘s 60 hot dogs per person… a whole lot of hot dogs. In restaurants and at street carts, ballparks, backyard cookouts and tailgate parties —hot dogs are eaten everywhere!


Yet hot dogs are one of the most under-appreciated food. Why do you think Americans slather lots of toppings to bury the tasteless dogs in soggy buns? Because the quality and taste of commercial hot dogs is so mediocre. Sadly, hot dogs have become forgotten belly stuffers.


Forgotten no more! Finally…Tailgate Dogs & Sausages will bring “hot” back to our dogs!


Tailgate Dogs & Sausages is founded by five successful business executives who are bonded by one single passion – their love of providing great food. Toiling late nights and weekends (outside of their “day jobs”), our founders have painstakingly studied thousands of hot dogs and sausages, not just from different U.S. regions, but also, various parts of the world.


Finally, they have created a selection of irresistibly delicious, high quality wholesome hot dogs and sausages that will tempt all palates – spanning from coast to coast whether you are from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta or Texas.


We want hot dogs to be recognized as America’s new special culinary icon! We cannot do it without the partnership of our restaurants’ Top Dogs, whose mission is to delight and nourish our customers every single day.


At Tailgate, we go to extraordinary lengths to please our customers, and exceed their expectations with every single order and every single visit.


We do not pursue happiness…but instead create happiness! We want our restaurants to be fun, festive, high-energy and inviting. We want our customers to look forward to visiting our restaurants with the same joyful anticipation of joining a pre-game tailgate party.


Tailgate restaurants are community meeting places where our customers come to join their friends, and to make new connections or grow existing connections stronger. We want families to visit and envision our restaurant as their next tailgate party!


Being a Top Dog team partner at our restaurants means having an opportunity to seize gigantic possibilities ahead – to grow as a person, in your career and in your community. Every Top Dog team partner will have the opportunity to become a future leader of our business.


If you are a go-getting self-starter, an idea machine who loves to delight customers, come join the Tailgate Dogs & Sausages team!




At Tailgate, benefits-eligible partners (those working 30 or more hours a week) can get a range of perks, benefits and assistance. If you qualify, we offer health coverage for you and your dependents, including domestic partners.


An entirely novel concept for employees working in the food service industry!

ALL store associates have the opportunity to share in the success of the store where you work!

Requires strong work performance in the categories of customer service, reliability and collaboration with your peers/management.

Aligns and rewards all associates at Tailgate Dogs & Sausages. We want to share our success with all those that make it possible.

A new plan for each July through June time period.

Details of plan provided upon hire.


For our eligible Top Dogs, we also offer a profit sharing plan to recognize you as partners of our trailblazing business.


What are you waiting for? Be Tailgate’s Top Dog! Join now!

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